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US Law Doesn’t Slow Poker Down

4 years ago
online poker really started to boom. After reading countless poker books and playing the game for hundreds of hours online
one individual decided to publish his own book. The book had a highly controversial title
and sold thousands and thousands of copies.

“Book sales opened the door for bigger and better things. I started promoting certain key poker sites and before I knew it
I was receiving checks for tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis simply for referring players. Top poker affiliates are making well over $100
000 a month. Anyone who has a highly visited website can find success with online poker. All it takes is posting a poker site link on your successful website and you are on your way to referring players. This is called affiliate marketing. However
it didn’t take long before I realized I was still missing the boat being an affiliate. Starting an online poker room could be key.”

Starting up
and marketing an online poker room isn’t cheap. It typically takes a commitment of millions of dollars. To survive and succeed in this market you must have player liquidity. This means when you want to play poker
there better be plenty of players and tables waiting for you to join their game. The best solution to this obstacle is to join a poker network. This is a series of online poker rooms that pool their players together into one online environment.

Some of the largest networks are OnGame and PlayTech. OnGame represents Poker Room
Hollywood Poker
Chan Poker
EuroCoral Poker and more. PlayTech is known for Noble Poker
Titan poker
and more. Ironically
Coral and Euro Poker were originally on the Party Poker network. Party Poker booted them when they realized their software was running out of room to handle ALL of the players.

Online poker is a $6 billion dollar annual industry growing every day. Online gaming will be almost a $25 billion dollar a year industry in less than 3 years. There have been some recent laws banning gaming in the US
but thanks to key broadband expansion on a global basis
these figures will hold true regardless of whether or not the US is allowed to be a part of the market. You can legally own and operate an online gaming site
even if you are a US citizen. 11 states in the US have further restrictions. Until the US law changes
you simply don’t want to take US players. There’s still plenty of other countries and citizens out there that you can legally sign up. There are many niches in the world of online gaming.

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